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Dear Parent(s)/ Guardian, and /or Student:
As the 2017-2018 school year begins, I am looking forward to working with Achievement students and DAEP students assigned to TOC in the areas of English and Language Arts.  I will be rotating among the classrooms, having approximately an hour with each section to assist students with their work assigned by their language arts teacher(s) or their English teachers from their home campuses (DAEP). Also, I will serve the English students in the Achievement Program in the morning session for a class period and in the afternoon session for a class period.  My attention will focus on helping students complete assigned courses in English, prepare for end-of-course testing, improve reading skills , build vocabulary skills, strengthen writing skills, and  review other English-related areas of study as needed.
All students will be expected to work on their English course work during the time that I am assigned to their classroom, completing assignments in an approved time frame for each assignment. This should allow students to maintain the schedule for their assignments and expectations set for their work by their classroom teachers on their home campus(es) and for the Achievement Students to progress through their courses in a timely manner as set by Mr. Matthys, the general instructor for the program.  Achievement  Program students may also need to work on test-taking skills and practice tests for up-coming testing that must be completed prior to fulfilling their graduation requirements.
Please feel free to contact me at TOC (512-365-8089) or my home (512-352-3197) if you have questions about your child's progress or other areas of concern .  All of us at TOC want to insure that each student has appropriate, consistent preparation while he/she is assigned to this campus and that each student demonstrates success/growth academically, socially, and personally.  Let's work together to achieve these results.
Rachel W. Burklow 


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