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About the program:

Welcome to the Taylor High School Achievement Program - a special place that is very different from the other classrooms you have attended. The Achievement Program offers 43 different subject options, all presented in an individualized competency-based mastery model that accommodates a diverse range of learner needs. Students enrolled in the classes at the Achievement Program will be using the Anywhere Learning System A+ computer courseware and the American Preparatory Institute (API) modular program; an approach to learning that does the following:
• Encourages learners to study at their own level and move at their own pace
• Creates a dynamic environment within which to practice and acquire skills
• Provides precise measurement of the learner’s progress
• Promotes individual accountability

About me:

15th year with Taylor ISD
BS (Biology) from Texas Lutheran University
Texas Teaching Cert. from LeTourneau University
Certified 8-12 mathematics
THS & TMS boys golf coach
Married with 4 grown daughters & 7 grandchildren
Avidly involved in outdoor sports
Bird Taxidermy