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Principal's Message

Our campus is designed to help students navigate the difficult pathway towards a positive school experience.  We want to help students correct the trajectory that will lead them to their target of academic success and graduation.  The staff at TOC is honored and excited to help students with this journey.  We want to work with the student and parents in making this challenging process less difficult.
The Achievement Program is designed to help students who need to approach the high school experience in a less traditional way.  There are very specific criteria in place to ensure the greatest possibility of success.  Students interested in becoming part of this program can apply through the home campus counselor.
The Opportunity Program is a short termed intervention designed to help students learn to self-regulate and modify behavior that is counter productive to their academic progress.  Placement into this program is determined by the home campus administrative team.
Please feel free to contact us about how we can help.
                  - Ron Roth, Principal